How Trad Are You?

This started out with a friend asking me, "Hey, how 'trad' is [other friend of mine]?" after which, we jokingly went back and forth with stereotypical things which might correlate with the idea of a Catholic "rad trad". Later, I made this based on those corollary trends. Because of that, one should note that this is from a Latin Rite perspective. If you're Eastern Rite, you can probably assume your score is at least 75% traddiness.

At Mass, the Eucharist should be received…

What type of building should be used for a church building?

What is your opinion of the Latin Mass?

At Mass, the Eucharist should be received…

Ad orientem in the Mass…

Do you go to Latin Mass?

How should women be able to participate in the Mass?

What is the best style of music for use at Mass?

The Second Vatican Council was/is&hellp;

When should incense be used at Mass?

What should be abstained from on Fridays?

Veils for women should be …

What is the minimum one should fast before receiving Holy Communion?